Blockchain – Best Thing Since the Invention of the Internet?

How confident are you in your understanding of blockchains? Does crypto-currency immediately spring to mind? Industrial blockchain (not to be confused with crypto-currencies) is being used by Walmart, Maersk, Rolls-Royce and other companies to keep track of assets and products through manufacturing and supply chain systems. Come learn about the different types of blockchain and their use cases. Learn what it takes to form a governance committee to run a consortium blockchain effort. Now is the time to get ahead of this wave.

Lessons Learned in 25 Years of Ecommerce

Having spent most of his career in the world of eCommerce, Rob would love an opportunity to share what he’s learned. There have been many successes, but also a number of hard lessons learned across people, process, and technology.  Whether B2C or B2B there are commonalities that can lead to success or failure. Join Rob for an interesting look back at customers, clients, bleeding edge and proven technology, and scope, timelines, and costs. All a part of the coordinated chaos to execute to deliver value.

Transforming Your Business with AI

It’s no secret that AI is here to transform the way we engage with customers. Organizations that have put AI to work for their business are already seeing distinct advantages over an ordinary one. How you might ask? Giulio Soliani, Offering Manager for IBM Watson, is here to discuss how AI can be used to implement new ways of doing business. Attend the session to learn more about AI use cases, what data can be brought to the table, the time to value for AI and the amazing outcomes you could expect with AI.

Annual Group Social – Oct. 18th @ Sage Woodfire Tavern

Come join the AECF family for our Annual Social Networking event, on Thursday, October 18th. This is one of our most popular events, offering networking in a fun and informal setting. Don’t miss your chance to win a prizes and tell us what topics YOU want to talk about in 2019!
Entrance is FREE and complimentary hors d’oeuvres will be served. Please register today. We Look forward to seeing you October 18th!

Is the blockchain still relevant for commerce?

On the other side of the gigantic 2017 spike in interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, there has been a strong pullback – or has there? A year into the big acceleration of the blockchain “hype curve”, Aaron’s CIO John Trainor will provide an update regarding where we are seeing these technologies in commerce. We’ll explore where they have been silently gaining traction and where they seem to have fallen on their face.

Building Data Driven Customer Experiences

How companies are leveraging data to transform how they interact with their customers.

With the success of advertising platforms like Google and Facebook, it has become extremely evident that consumers are responding positively to more personalized advertising experiences. In today’s day and age there is more information available to brands about their audiences than ever before.

This session will illustrate how brands are using modern technologies like Machine Learning and A.I. to leverage this ocean of available consumer information, and how these strategies are leading to better experiences for customers along with increased revenue for brands.

Cyber Security for E-Commerce

Who Should Attend?
C-Level executives and managers who are concerned about: lost or stolen devices, privacy of confidential information, employment litigation introduced when employees use personal devices to access company data and State and Federal laws that carry heavy fines for lost or stolen data. This is of particular importance for those organizations that handle ANY sensitive data such as credit card and financial information, medical records (or serve clients who have medical records) or who simply want to avoid having their bank account wiped out due to a cyber-attack.

During This Luncheon You’ll Discover:

5 Alarming misconceptions about business security risks
Are you at risk?
Are you prepared to answer questions about how you were breached?
Is your cyber coverage in jeopardy?
What should your technology vendor be providing you?
Why antivirus and firewalls are not enough anymore
What is your number one threat?
How to avoid being a Sitting Duck
9 Critical IT Security Protections

Transformational Marketing

No one wants to be interrupted. Or ‘talked at.’ Or ‘sold to.’ We seek authentic. We expect relevant. And we want it only when we are good and ready for it. This calls for marketing to make a change: a change in how customers understand you, engage with you, and experience you. No longer is the story simply about you and what you offer. Your brand, your products, your services are not really the hero. The power and impact of your brand and products come from making the customer the hero and you, the marketer, serving as the guide on their buying journey.

This is called Transformational Marketing.

Marketing, Interrupted follows the stories of transformational leaders and companies and how they follow the 3S Methodology-Story, Strategy, and Systems-giving the companies a purposeful Why, What and How that make them successful in the fast-changing world we live in today.

eCommerce Competition: The Amazon Effect

Amazon is upending retail in big ways and is disrupting the middleman-based structure that has defined retail distribution for decades. Chris will explain Amazon’s marketing mechanics to demonstrate how upstarts are using Amazon to compete with established brands and how those brands are fighting back. Chris will dive into Amazon’s search algorithms and pay-per-click advertising and will show how using brand leverage and direct relationships with Amazon can create more marketing opportunities.

Surviving the Future: Uniting Sales & Marketing

Join us to learn more about how your company can transform to stay ahead of the competition.
We’ll explore why it’s more important than ever to innovate and stay relevant in today’s ever-changing market, including:

– How to harness new ROI-driven Smart Marketing and Sales processes, with a focus on efficiency and velocity, to insulate your business from disruption
– Why you must encourage questioning the norm if you want to grow revenue and delight your customers
– Solutions to implement innovation within your company, and help great teams achieve what appeared impossible