eCommerce Competition: The Amazon Effect

Amazon is upending retail in big ways and is disrupting the middleman-based structure that has defined retail distribution for decades. Chris will explain Amazon’s marketing mechanics to demonstrate how upstarts are using Amazon to compete with established brands and how those brands are fighting back. Chris will dive into Amazon’s search algorithms and pay-per-click advertising and will show how using brand leverage and direct relationships with Amazon can create more marketing opportunities.

The Seven Forces of Web Analysis – eCommerce Edition

Digital experience – and particularly web experience – plays a major role in CX as it often serves as a first or second touch point with your potential customers. Come hear Taz Lake, Founder of Brightmill, discuss his Seven Forces of Web Analysis and why they matter to your return on investment in digital and eCommerce.

Connected Cars and eCommerce

Connected cars aren’t on the horizon – they are already here. Like many technologies that were once features, consumers will come to expect this connectivity to be standard. What is next for Connected Cars and eCommerce? Come find out as our expert panelists discuss what else we can expect from Connected Cars.

3D Printing Impact on eCommerce

Charlie Chung, Segment Marketing Senior Manager at UPS, will lead this session to discuss Smart Operations, which includes Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) and how that plays a role in the next Industrial Revolution.

Same Day ACH: The Road to Real-Time Payments

Steve Bernstein, Executive Director at JPMorgan, will discuss the newly-adopted rule on same-day ACH. He will discuss how the roll-out and demand for faster payments has been met, the next phases of the rule, when the same day transaction limit will be increased, as well as soon-to-be introduced Faster Payment initiative and how that may benefit corporations, businesses, and consumers.

Optimizing Crowds with Predictive Analytics

Ranked the number one Aquarium in the United States by TripAdvisor, Georgia Aquarium will serve more than 2.4 million guests this year. Since the aquarium’s mission of self-sufficiency generates just 10% of its budget from fund-raising, it manages for growth by leveraging data for crowd management, attendance forecasting and to measure guest sentiment and satisfaction measurement. Join us to learn more about their data journey, and how they are now embarking on revenue management and price optimization using data.

IoT Security Panel

Someday soon your refrigerator may talk to your wearable fitness device. But will they like each other? Will you be caught in the middle? Safeguards related to connected devices and networks are becoming more important than ever. Come hear top experts in this area discuss the main problems around the networking of these devices and the new security challenges posed.

The Inevitable Driverless Car Revolution

Autonomous vehicles are more than cars that drive themselves. They are creating new markets and ecosystems for manufacturing, commerce and more. The move to the driverless car revolution is inevitable, or is it? Come hear Dave Bernard, CEO of The Intellection Group, Inc. discuss some of the key questions and join in on the discussion.