Blockchain and Smart Tokens for Global Transactions

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Genuine Parts3100 Windy Hill Road SEAtlanta, GA 30339

Blockchain technology leverages an online, public, distributed ledger system that records all transactions that have ever been executed on that chain. Applications can be built upon it to improve data integrity and control, provide time-stamped verification and attribution, and increase efficiencies through automation.  Blockchains grow linearly and chronologically as new transactions occur, validating and relaying the transactions as a copy of the blockchain is downloaded, appended and provided for the next transaction.  New applications, distributed computing networks and databases are leveraging this technology today and more are coming.

Come hear Tom Meredith, CEO of Smart Token Chain discuss unifying global financial services with blockchain and smart tokens.  Hear his expertise on how this technology improves inefficient processes in P2P and B2B markets, creates new revenue streams, lowers clearing and settlement costs, increases security, mitigates risk and prevents fraud.Speaker: Tom Meredith, CEO of Smart Token ChainMr. Meredith is the founding CEO of Smart Token Chain and its subsidiary, P2P Cash, offering “Free Money Transfer” to over 1 Billion bank and mobile accounts worldwide using patent-pending “Smart Token” technology.

Mr. Meredith started his computer career with Digital Equipment Corporation, then, became a technology start-up specialist as Regional Manager for Franklin Computers, then Federal Systems Director for Lisp Machine, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) company.

After a three-year stint on Wall St., Mr. Meredith founded VoxLink, an innovator of voice mail and e-mail integration. He pioneered online payment processing and consulted both the mortgage automation and credit/debit card processing industries.

Mr. Meredith is a graduate of the Harvard Business School specializing in Entrepreneurial studies. He was awarded a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Stanford University. He has working knowledge of French and Spanish.

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